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Shelby County Court Sting

Treatment of my Brothers

Hillary Clinton
Down in Flames

Make whatcha got work because if you can't, when you get something new, how you gonna make that work to.


Thought for the Day

“Innovative ideas are not stumbling blocks to a successful plan, new ideas are the reasons we have successful plans.” jy/9/2012

Voter Fraud
An Editorial by CFN Staff

CFN- September 2012 An Editorial

Why there has been no resolution in blatant voter fraud perpetrated by both elected politicians and American citizens all conspiring to undermine the electoral system in this country.

Is it because of the damage it would cause to America's fabric as well as its stability.

Counting votes in America is a very sophisticted computer involved process. Are all of those involved in the vote collection process educated and and trained in basic computer technology and its operations.

Lastly but not least, questions remain as to how do we began to reform such a system that has proven to be controlled by not American voters but a hand few of American computer programmers that has access to the computer code installed on voting machines.

Has America merged complex computer prgramming capabilities with its under educated American public.

Is America interested in making this ballot casting system fair.

Or is America only interested in preserving capitalism the way we all are accustomed to seeing it work; regardless of the consequences of uncovering information that may rock the foundations of that capitalism.

There is no room for "FAIR" in capitalism. There is no room for the government paying the way for all of its citizens in capitalism. Capitalism is simply not meant to be a system that was designed to be "FAIR" to all of its members.

Capitalism is a system of competition. Predators and victims. Strong and the eak; capitalism is the ultimate financial survival course for humans found anywhere on earth.

Second to none. This is what has made Amerika so great.

Meaning, anything that will drastically change the current scene of capitalism is unwanted.

As I believe it is with voter fraud in this country. It is similiar to the "too big to fail" cliche.

In other words, we are stuck with it because its an integral part of our capitalistic society; and to investigate and uncover the truth would only lead to utter chaos, rebellion and revolution.

To change such a fraudulent and fixed system would drastically change lives as we know it to exist today.

We are not a people short on good ideas, we are just a people with ideas. Because in a capitalistic society many good ideas are never heard of.

COMMONFOLKNEWS supports the Palestinian peoples right to statehood. Go Palestine! While an international community watches, the Palestinian people are being occupied by the Israelis with the support of the United States. The same support dictators around the globe has received from the United States as they crushed and murdered their own citizens.

Who are the Jews from Israel?
by CFN Staff

CFN September/2011 - And why are they holding "Peace" hostage as a requirement for Palestinian statehood.

I have listened to the United Nations address made by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in its entirety.

This editorial is being rewritten.

CFN welcomes your opinions on this issue. Send questions or comments to: editor@commonfolknews.com.

...its determined by the beholder

The type of democracy that seems to be shaping in parts of North Africa and the Middle East may be unique and quite different in some ways from what we know democracy to be here in the United States.


Live Up to What You
Wrote on Paper America
by James Yates Jr.

CFN December 2010 – Why are we talking in this country about prosecuting a member of the media, Wikileaks.

When this story first broke there were probably no one in America that did not want to see the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, arrested strung up and quartered.

Our position is that......(read more in our legal section.)



by Dr. Willie J. Greer Kimmons

Africa's Most Fierce Assault

CFN Editorial September 2012

With major world tensions surrounding a particular area around north Africa, the east and west Mediterranian Sea and the Red Sea are particular areas of concern.

These areas appear to be major strategic strong holds to any invading country posessing control to these waters.

Access to all of Africa could come by way of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.

Therefore, we have concluded that the violence and military actions in this region is over control of Africa through North Africa.•

Deciding to Curb Eating is NOT a Disease

An Editorial by James Yates Jr.

Not getting up and off of your butt to exercise is not a disease. It is purely a result of a lack of discipline. (speaking of those abled bodied citizens)

Many Americans might believe that obesity is generally connected to some type of disorder. I beg to differ. Obesity in normal Americans results from a lack of discipline to eat not nutritious foods, but in lack of discipline which leads to disorder types.

A lack of discipline is surely the problem.

Websters defines discipline as: activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill.

A Special Message to My Brothers and Sisters
by James Yates Jr

CFN's 1st Online Broadcast!
(click for our online audio page)


New York City Discrimination
The Big Apple is getting a bit sweeter
by James Yates Jr.

(CFN-August 2010) - The importance of whistle blower protections in the workplace is about as important as receiving a paycheck at the end of the pay period. Its essential.


Mass Murderer Nathan Bedford Forrest...

(CFN-February 2011 Memphis TN)

And who is it that would conceived such a thing as to associate Nathan Bedford Forrest with that of a hero.

The statue of this figure as it stands in the downtown area of Memphis is a sad reminder of how Blacks were treated before, during and after the Civil war.



A Special Message to
My Brothers and Sisters

by CFN Staff








John P. Freeman
Optional School

Sea Isle Elementary

Idlewild Elementary

Minority Scholarships

"F"'s for Children. WHY?

An Editorial by James Yates Jr., Publisher


Why are we giving the letter grade "F" to our children attending school prior to graduation.

Is it because they are failures, which is what "F" represents on a child's report card. Or is it because we are attempting to build their little egos up.

Maybe "F's" are used to tearour kids down until they get to the point of making "A's" to build themselves up.

Then again, maybe "F's" are used to familiarize children with the letter to the word that they will learn has dictated their lives and describes an act that they can apply as happening to themselves.

If confidence, determination, and success all have to do with achievement, then there is no room for negative images, discouragement or failure.

We must make the necessary changes in our antiquated educational system to give our children the best chance possible. Remove the grades of "F, and D". They do nothing to help build the confidence of our children.

And for those that may disagree with this position, ask your self. Will removing the letter grade "F" from my son's educaion help or hurt him. Will removal of the letter grade "F" help to build their confidence. Can the letter grade "F" be replaced ith another symbol that removes years of discrimination and segregation that parents and students alike associate with the letter grade "F".

Our educational system can be so much better if we take the time out to encourage our children, build them up instead of tearing them down. We must nullify the negative symbolisms and teachings that our children are learning in the home and replace them with something much more viable and valuable in their lives. Confidence.

We are not instilling confidence in our children as we know how. We are not building them up as we should be. When we do they will do their best and learn their best.




John P. Freeman
Optional School

"As for the press, the authors regarded a free press as almost a fourth branch of government, constantly keeping tabs on the government's activities and actions. Though... read more in Legal

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The Many Shades of Black

CFN - November 2011

It sickens me to find that in America, dark skinned Black women have taken a back seat to lighter skinned Black women.

Dark skinned Black women definition: Those dark skinned sistas that are rich in color and define the true color of Black women.

Maybe I am wrong, so let's test it. Name me 3 dark richly colored Black woman on television?

Now name me 3 lightly colored Black women on Television or on the big screen/movies?

Mypoint proven!

At every turn, lightly colored Black women are the most chosen ones for any type of production that will be viewed by Americans within the media, movies etc.

Not trying to start anything that has not already been started, but the unfairness at the conscious as well as the subconscious choices Americans (White and Black) has made to exclude darker skinned Black women is a disgrace to Black women. And no one is jumping up and down about it. Not even Black women! And whatever happened to the saying, "The Blacker the berry the sweeter the juice?"

If Black is truly beautiful, then the full spectrum of our beautiful Black women should be showcased to the world. Not just those lightly skin colored Black women!

J.Yates Jr.











Origami for Peace Coalition
Eddie Joseph, Founder

Hiroshima August 6, 1945
by Eddie Joseph

That fateful summer, 8:15. The roar of a B-29 breaks the morning calm. A parachute opens in the blue sky. Then suddenly, a flash, an enormous blast − silence − hell on Earth.

The eyes of young girls watching the parachute were melted. Their faces became giant charred blisters. The skin of people seeking help dangled from their fingernails. Their hair stood on end. Their clothes were ripped to shreds. People trapped in houses toppled by the blast were burned alive. Others died when their eyeballs and internal organs burst from their bodies−Hiroshima was a hell where those who somehow survived envied the dead.

Within the year, 140,000 had died. Many who escaped death initially are still suffering from leukemia, thyroid cancer, and a vast array of other afflictions.

But there was more. Sneered at for their keloid scars, discriminated against in employment and marriage, unable to find understanding for profound emotional wounds, survivors suffered and struggled day after day, questioning the meaning of life.

And yet, the message born of that agony is a beam of light now shining the way for the human family. To ensure that “no one else ever suffers as we did,” the hibakusha have continuously spoken of experiences they would rather forget, and we must never forget their accomplishments in preventing a third use of nuclear weapons.

Despite their best efforts, vast arsenals of nuclear weapons remain in high states of readiness−deployed or easily available. Proliferation is gaining momentum, and the human family still faces the peril of extinction. This is because a handful of old-fashioned leaders, clinging to an early 20th century worldview in thrall to the rule of brute strength, are rejecting global democracy, turning their backs on the reality of the atomic bombings and the message of the hibakusha.

However, here in the 21st century the time has come when these problems can actually be solved through the power of the people. Former colonies have become independent. Democratic governments have taken root. Learning the lessons of history, people have created international rules prohibiting attacks on non-combatants and the use of inhumane weapons. They have worked hard to make the United Nations an instrument for the resolution of international disputes. And now city governments, entities that have always walked with and shared in the tragedy and pain of their citizens, are rising up. In the light of human wisdom, they are leveraging the voices of their citizens to lift international politics.

Because “Cities suffer most from war,” Mayors for Peace, with 1,698 city members around the world, is actively campaigning to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2020.

Edward M. Joseph
Message 309 218 9392 Fax and Voice

Please be advised of the passing of Mr. Audrey Ivy(103yrs.) on Tuesday, 4 Oct. 2011. Services as Follows;Tuesday, 11 October @ The Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church, 1161 E. 105th Street, Cleveland Oh 44108 (11:30 a.m.) Strowder Funeral Chapel. 822 E. 105th Street
Claudia Marie Ivy Daniels Jackson



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