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An Editorial Series
by CFN Staff

Considerations When Evaluating Public Charities

(download pdf)
(download .docx)

(for download only)

" ...very little interest in getting to the bottom of a $40,000..."

A Response by Sydney Bowen
California Chapter President
"I can be silent no longer"

Part II
(Principal Janet Ware-Thompson)

A Tale of Two Alumni Organizations
Part I

An Editorial Series
by CFN Staff

A Tale of Two Alumni Organizations
Part I

Part II
(Principal Janet Ware-Thompson)

Part III
Non Profit Organizational Structure

A Special Message...To My Brothers and Sisters
by James Yates Jr.

 CFN Memphis TN November 2011



ne thing I can say I admire about the Jews as an ethnic group is the fact that they keep their holocaust history in the faces of Americans more than Blacks keep their history in the face of Americans. Everywhere one could possibly look, Jews have some type of media programming that continues to condition and sensitize the minds of Americans.


Jews are reference here because they have a history quite different from the Black man in America.


Black America has not overcome the psychological effects of being enslaved for so many years. And will not until America’s white racist power structure no longer exist. The Jews are symbols of that power structure.


History tells us that the strangulation of Black in America began and was maintained because of the selfish greed of those whites that were not willing to share the vast riches America had to offer. They wanted a continued life of servitude for Blacks and America.


Since then Black Americans have become defragmented, are not united, and are not on a progressive path to make life better for Black America.


Most of our so-called national leaders are chosen by the White power structure within America. From Reverend Jackson to Sharpton we still seem to be struggling to make a better life for ourselves in America.


Although the work of these Blacks may be impressive to some, their efforts combined has not made a heck of a lot of difference in the upward progression in the lives of Black Americans as it compares to the gains made by White America during the same time period. Simultaneously, these Black leaders have enriched themselves with the help of Whites serving as the defunct leaders of the Black American community.


We seem to be afraid to use the word Black or African American in the presence of a public audience for fear of being seen as too Black, of being ostracized, persecuted, prosecuted or even killed. As American history shows us, this is how White America they have dealt with intelligent and well-spoken Blacks in the past.


Many of our Black leaders (who were appointed and approved by Whites) are at best cowards and cannot possibly represent the true Black American.


While many today would argue that the game has turned into class warfare and is not racial, I vehemently differ. Consider this. In the end, the different types of warfare will stack up and the color of the Black man’s skin will always in White America be the determining factor.


My best example of how Black America has failed; look at the OCCUPY Wall Street movement.


Blacks should have been in the streets waging the same war that these protesters are waging coupled with the practices that have kept us 2nd class citizens.


Blacks could have been the up front leaders for such a movement. Instead, we sit and remain silent. While others who have been disenfranchised for a much shorter period are fighting the battles that should be ours.


We need a change in America, and not the change that so many Americans thought they were getting this past Presidential election cycle.


We need change that we can see makes a difference as well as the change in our pockets. And I’m not talking about chump change!


The riches of America are vast and we have not yet been invited to share in those riches. The greed by those that call this their land, water and air will never cease to exist until such time we as Blacks are willing to put it all on the line as our brothers and sisters did in the 60’s.


May God Bless Black America.*


"Smokey Robinson at his Best"



"Smokey Robinson at his Best"




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