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Above: Angela Chambers-Lewis donning her red, white and green, santa reindeer hat, represents in this photo what Douglass looks like best. A celebration of achievement, life, happiness, and fun times.
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To have information posted to this page, simply submitt information to the publisher along with a photo, contact information and telephone so that you may be contacted and the information verified if needed. Your information will usually be posted within 48 hours.

*And for those Douglass students that DO NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS
Call (800)878-5864 and leave full name, class information, and/or telephone number so that they too can be added to our listing for Douglass High.

DAA Treasurer Resigns!

Our Newest Editorial
Douglass' Finest INDICTED!

An Editorial Series
by CFN


Part I
A Tale of Two Alumni Organizations

Part II
DHS Principal
Janet Ware-Thompson

A Response by Sydney Bowen
California Chapter President
"I can be silent no longer"

Part III
DAA's Absolute Authority


The Heritage Book is in
and Looks GREAT!!

$20.00 plus $4.95 s/h
contact Ms. Pauline Graham at: (901)327-9299 to purchase.

CFN's Private Collection
of the DAA 2010
GALA Photos! A Must See!!

DAA 2010 Scholarship Education Awards GALA Photos!

(GALA photos slideshow pt. 2)

2009 Convention Photo

2009 Scholarship Recipients!
from the NDAC Scholarship Chair

Press Release

A Special Publisher's Note

The Douglass Alumni
Business Listing
"The alumni is a thriving and..."

2009 Christmas Party Photos!

A Special Publisher's Note

Photos from the
Douglass Alumni
2009 Scholarship Awards Banquet

Representing the Class of 1979
at the Spirit Wall.
(l to r)  Anthony Holloway
Ernest Farmer and Lee Byrd.


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