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In 2008, Congress approved a tax credit for first-time homebuyers that can be worth up to $7,500. The credit, however, acts more like a no-interest loan because it must be repaid to the government over 15 years.

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Douglass Alumni
2009 Scholarship Awards Banquet


MCS Crossing Guards
Our 2009-2010 Crossing Guard of the Year!
by James Yates Jr.

(CFN-May 2010) - Traffic duty is tough work. A job that Dorothy Spencer of North Memphis is all- familiar. No, shes not a police officer. Shes a crossing guard that works Idlewild Elementary and Central High each morning, and evening.

Ms. Dorothy's excellence in performance as a school crossing guard makes her our crossing guard for the 2009 2010 MCS school year!

Ms. Dorothy, as the students and parents call her, greets, smiles and blows her whistle all at the same time. Because she is an integral part of the cafeteria staff at Idlewild, she interacts with many children more than once per day.

Ms. Dorothy is mother to 18-year old daughter Ebony Walls who is planning to attend Lemoyne Owen College majoring in Pre Vet. She is also mother to 12-year-old daughter Marva Walls who is a student at Snowden Elementary.

We are proud to honor Ms. Dorothy Spencer as our CFN Crossing guard for the 2009-2010 MCS school year for she is far deserving of much more. Great job Ms. Dorothy and congratulations. Looking forward to seeing you in action next year!

Its a good job says Ms. Dorothy, but I could not do it if I were not committed to the responsibility of protecting these children.

Additional note: The Memphis Police Department governs employment for the crossing guards. For more information on employment opportunities, contact Lt. Savage at (901)416-5860. Applications are being taken.

CFN would like to thank the Memphis Police Department, Deputy Chief Monatelo and Lieutenant Savage.

40 Years later...and Still No Pension
No clear answers on how to include sanitation workers into City's Pension

(CFN-Memphis TN July-2008) - The most recent developments in the Memphis sanitation workers plight seems to be the unknown cost or procedure for including new or existing sanitation workers into the city of Memphis' pension plan and getting the city's administration to engage in these talks along with other pressing health and safety issues within the Public Works department.



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