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An Editorial Series
by CFN Staff

Considerations When Evaluating Public Charities

(download pdf)
(download .docx)

(for download only)

" ...very little interest in getting to the bottom of a $40,000..."

A Response by Sydney Bowen
California Chapter President
"I can be silent no longer"

Part II
(Principal Janet Ware-Thompson)

A Tale of Two Alumni Organizations
Part I

An Editorial Series
by CFN Staff

A Tale of Two Alumni Organizations
Part I

Part II
(Principal Janet Ware-Thompson)

Part III
Non Profit Organizational Structure

The 2011 Douglass CleanUp!
Memphis City Beautiful Does It Again
by CFN Staff
photos by CFN

CFN – Memphis TN. Nov 2011



his past April residents, church leaders and local businesses from the Douglass community in North Memphis began their work. They wanted to clean up Douglass.


Long time community organizer Regina Hill, resident of Douglass and graduate from the Douglass Class of 1981, rounded up concerned citizens, church leaders and members, friends, and a small budget to undertake the cleanup of an entire community. They began in April 2011 cleaning lots and beautifying their neighborhood. They asked residents from young to old to help with their efforts. Many did. Giving in various ways to support the work that was making their block look a whole lot cleaner.


Simultaneously, a pilot program was getting underway initiated by the City of Memphis Division of Community Enhancement and the Memphis City Beautiful Commission.


We spoke with its Executive Director Eldra White. White says, “Douglass was one of 10 neighborhoods to participate.” The overall mission for the city was to determine how to make their mowing efforts more efficient.”


It was through contact made between White and Hill that local government and community action came together. “The timing could not have been better,” says Hill.


Hill and supporters ended up on a mission to assist in the cleanup of an entire 25 square block section of Douglass. The borders were: Carpenter Street to the west, Holmes Street to the east, Omar Robinson Avenue( Previously named Heard Street) to the North and Chelsea Avenue to the South.


“Church leaders and members, and local businesses volunteered to help us clean up Douglass.” “I am very excited.” “Every street and every lot has been cleaned.” We even helped to make some of the buildings look better.” “Our community looks good,” says Hill.


With a post mitigation meeting scheduled with White, Hill says she’s looking forward to making some plans for next year.


Go Douglass!


CFN commends and gives a big HatsOff to the Wharton administration through Memphis City Beautiful Commission and its Division of Community Enhancement headed by Ozzie Hunt. Hunt was unavailable for comment. It’s planning and execution of such a plan to increase its efficiency in its mowing efforts is an excellent idea and should receive much support from local community leaders.


additional photos of the 2011 Douglass CleanUp effort.




Special thanks to Eldra White, Executive Director, Ms. Loretta Miller and Ms. Matoiri Spencer from Memphis City Beautiful.

You and your staff was a tremendous help . Your time and patience was very well placed and executed.


Many thanks go out to:



The City of Memphis and its Division of Community Enhancement



To "ALL" Volunteers who desired to help clean up Douglass, Bungalow & Crump


Pastor Torrie Wilson and the St. John Baptist Church Family

Pastor Rooks and the Traverler's Rest Baptist Church Family

Pastor Davis and the St. Paul Baptist Church Family

Pastor Willie Grandberry and the Watkins Chapel C.M.E. Church Family

Pastor Williams and the Morning Star Church Family


Mr. Eddie Hayes - Supporter

Barbara Ervin - Greatest supporter, ever....

James Hill - Purchased lawn equipment, helped cut lots and required maintenance

Frank Bean - Donated a lawn mower

Tony Thompson - Donated riding lawn mower

Mr. Robert Dye - Donated use of Heavy duty field lawn mower

Rev. McFerby - Donated use of Riding lawn mower 

Gloria Jones - Donated use of a lawn mower

Jule Walker - Donated Gatorade and gave us business

Mrs. Virgie Hill - Great supporter, donated use of home for group meeting place

Ms. Joyce Bulter - Great supporter

Mrs. Kincade - Church of Christ on Chelsea & Locust 

Mrs. Rosa Barber - Beauty Shop

Wilbert Henderson - supported group affects and a concerned resident

Mr. & Mrs Moore - Locust St

Ms. Tamika - On National - Gave us business 

Mr. James - Crump - Special Thanks- Emergency Lawn repairs

Mr. Greg @ Nelson's Lawn Mowers - 399 National, Lawn mower & weed eater - repairs

Mr. Dave - On Jackson - Lawn mover - repair - 901-372-0620


To everyone who purchased a T-shirt for the cause.


To omit no one - To those in Words, Thoughts and Deeds that supported us with water, snacks, juices, sometimes just a resting place, etc.


Thank you all your efforts and help made Douglass a much better place to live!•

"Smokey Robinson at his Best"




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